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Tips & Hints
How to use ducted reverse cycle air conditoning effectively

How to use ducted reverse cycle air conditoning effectively

1.     Try to keep the heat out of the house by shading windows with products such as tinting, awnings and curtains. It costs less to run your ducted air conditioner if you keep some of the heat out rather than remove once it builds up.

2.     Insulation in the ceiling (walls too if building) will also help in keeping the cool in and heat out. Remember the easier you make it for your ducted air conditioner the less it costs to run.

3.     Seal any openings such as doors as any air coming in makes it harder for your ducted air conditioner to work effectively and efficiently.

4.     Cleaning your filter regularly is something a lot of people forget about after they are comfortable but remember a dirty filter costs money and comfort.

5.     Make sure the system you select will do the areas you require as a ducted air conditioning system is very expensive to replace if its too small. 

6.     Ensure your ducted reverse cycle air conditoning system meets MEPS (Check Websites, Brochures etc).

7.     Check the person designing the ductwork and size of unit is correctly licensed e.g. some installers are not licensed to design or install systems above 18kw. Comfort Control Air Conditioning has a full BSA (No 1042059) license to design, install and commission all ducted air conditioning systems. 

8.     Electrical components such as the circuit from the switchboard to the condenser must be carried out by a licensed electrician. 

9.     Licensed tradesmen must do the refrigeration and electrical components to ensure your warranty is valid. Installing ductwork (if designed correctly) and fitting grilles can be carried out by yourself.