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    This 'quiet achiever' designs and manufactures some of the worlds most advanced air conditioners was a headline to an article published in November 2007 on Actron Air. The Mundy family have certainly progressed a long way from their humble beginnings in a garage in Sydney's west designing and installing a system for their family home in 1984. They then followed their dream to see Actron Air design and manufacture what many people in the air conditioning industry believe to be some of the world's most advanced ducted air conditioning systems on the market today. No other ducted air conditioning manufacturer offers such a diverse range of systems and also design and manufacture their own zoning controls as well as supply and return air plenums ensuring minimal air losses and superior efficiency. 

     Actron Air began by designing and manufacturing both commercial and residential fixed speed ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems that were energy efficient, quiet and better at removing humidity than other systems due to Australia's high humidity levels and while they certainly achieved this they also managed to design a ducted air conditioning system that is fully integrated and easy to install. 

     In the late 1990's the Mundy family realised people's needs and wants were changing and that Actron was very quickly becoming an Australian success story. They began to to put in place plans that were going to take Actron into the 21st century as one of the world's leading ducted air conditioning manufacturers. Australian homes were becoming larger all the time so thus were wanting larger air conditioning systems to effectively cool them. A lot of manufacturers didn't have systems with enough capacity to do this so often installed more than one system to reach the required capacity. Actron Air"s fixed speed residential ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems range from 7kw to 27kw with their commercial range covering 15kw to 92kw.

     In 2003 Actron built a large design and manufacturing plant at Bella Vista in Sydney's west and began designing a Digital ESP ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system using the Copeland Digital scroll compressor. Actron Air were already designing and manufacturing some very efficient and quiet ducted air conditiong systems but with the advent of the Copeland Digital scroll compressor they had the most efficient and quietest system available today. The multi-million dollar investment in the factory the Mundy family built and the technology that was required to operate the Digital compressor has seen Actron Air become one of the world's leading ducted air conditioning manufacturers.

     Actron then added the variable speed Fan Coil which is the Digital ESP Plus range. These systems allow both the Indoor unit and Outdoor Unit to ramp up or down depending on conditions and the number of Zones being turned on or off. As the fan coil will operate at 10% of its capacity as well as the compressor then it allows a 22kw system to cool 1 or 2 Bedrooms effectively as well as allowing those large daytime areas to be cooled as equally as effective. Actron design and manufacture the zone barrels, motors and control gear to ensure compatability.

     Now Actron Air was ready to deliver the Ultimate in residential ducted air conditioning systems, the Actron Air Digital ESP Ultima series. This system allows fully automated control with different zones being able to be set at different temperatures with Actron Air's own zone barrels controlling the airflow with the digital compressor adjusting the energy output. The Actron Air Digital ESP Ultima series are the most energy efficient ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems available today.

 People who watch TV buy a Daikin, Mitsubishi or LG. People who do their research buy an Actron Air ducted air conditioning system just like thousands of other smart Australians.